Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's been awhile, I'm bad at that.

Well it's been awhile since I've posted, and the majority of my hits came from my MadPea review. They're doing little hunts now to those interested, and I've snuck in to do the Bloody Mary one more recently. Again, the storyline was awesome and the hunt was interesting, you found all the clues using the HUD before you collect all the prizes. BUT! This is not a review blog (this time) this is simply my bit of an update and information writing and image sharing, so on and so forth. Attempting to fall back into those creative outlets. RL stole me away, working on a novel with a friend, RL relationships ending and beginnings and something a bit between and all those crazy kid jazz.

Haven't done real "photoshoots" in awhile though got inspired the other day and started making new images after doing a kind of Makeover of Akemo. I wonder if people understand or appreciate how much goes into some of the things on SL. I have such respect for Mesh because trying to work with Blender... well let's just say I've had a few more grey hairs that I can't name after my real life children. Though I'm still determined to learn because I really really really want to make beautiful houses for SL, but I keep thinking I should do more research into what's actually available for building mesh in SL for programs. I've got DAZ studios, but that's one of those things you gotta plug a lot of stuff into working on. I don't mind doing it, but I want to make sure I can before spending all that time, energy, and finances on it.

Let's see, changes in SL... My daughter Charbie gave birth to my newest Grandson, Eli. I have a small army of Grandchildren, of all ages, but I love it. I live for it. I started DJ'ing again, then quit shortly after when RL puked up again. Now I'm back into it again thanks to a couple of really old close dear friends opening up a Cabaret and am possibly entertaining the idea of.. Oooh, moonlighting as a Dancer, though I guess we'll see with time. For all my flirtatious nature I tend to be a bit more reserved, and think I'm going to let those other beautiful ladies hold down the fort while I tinker with spinning some fun tunes for our dancing patrons. I'm pondering helping out a friend at her club soon again too, because no matter where SL takes me Dollface doesn't mind when I come crawling back looking for a source to earn some of those sweet Lindin dollars and my shopping addiction.

(Edit) this Picture Won Top of "Best Avatar Award" from fallen gods!
Let's see, as far as the great life of Akemo goes I've become somewhat re addicted to the Mystara sim where I've got a good balance of three or so characters I rotate between. My Demoness "Naamahazazael" (shortened), who's an Envy demon, one of seven, who's full of rage, piss and vinegar. She's fun to play and usually she's the one I go on when It's time to kick puppies or just start general chaos with her co-conspirators. Then there's the before mentioned Elenai Wulfe who is a werewolf Omega and is Rogue now, she gave birth to her daughter Isami Wulfe though her Mate dissapeared shortly after she found out she was having her pup and she's worried he's gone missing because of other dangerous things. Though lastly, the most consuming of my role play time comes on my alt designed specifically for her, Iaceraith Enonia. She's the Da'ariv (Dragon Queen's) mate.

Her story is kind of expansive, but it's littered with blood and lots of bodies. Though, like all characters, when she came to Mystara she had a difficult time adjusting. The more she tried to be "nice" to some of her fellow clanmates and racial creatures the more she realized how different her definition of what was accepted varied from hers. Though someone who primarily came from a land where she'd grown up amongst Adamintine dragons vying for power against the other races of Dragonkind, Mystara's rich culture was a shock to her system and self. Her adoration of Vathandriel was odd for the Queen had just returned to the land, to life of many sorts through a complex ritual. Iaceraith was a warrior, devoted to battle, blade and understanding little more pledged herself to be a guardian of the new Queen.

Emotional crutches aside for both puzzled creatures they somehow found themselves together more and more, Raith's frustration with trying to keep a woman protected who insisted on headstrongly marching into battle with a fist full of insulted honor and pride who threw her life on the line to protect others without thought of consequence. A frustrated dance of friendship became a warmly blossoming foundation for love, and the beginning of a new life for the two. Children followed, adopted as Hatchlings where discovered in the land and found themselves attatched to the two women. They hid their love from clan at first, really deciding to enjoy each other over the possible Drama of two women finding each other in a land of politics and racial discrimination. The dragons, once revered as the protectors of the land and honorable began to be smeared by common folk, sneered at by those whom had once called them friends. Though as all things in this land animosity and hatred is sometimes as quick to go as friendship and love, but these two were bound near inseparable. They would eventually announce their courtship, received without even the slightest ripple by all who knew them and simply said.. "And? duh.. we knew..". The changes from sword to shield, Dragon to Queen and the responsibilities not only of power, or to the Clan, but against those who would slander her good name and spread lies about her people. Iaceraith and Vathandriel are set to be married, on our calenders, on November 11th, 6-9pm SLT.

Well what else has been going on you're asking me? Well, sheesh! Alright let me think. I've moved in with my daughter into the Somersley Sim... for those of you who were like me in "what the noise is that??" It's a "Family" style sim, almost 19 sims wide. It is the "sims" meets SL Family RP, it's.. amazing. I've just done it as in the past couple of days and I'm renting a room through my daughter using mostly birthday money and funding from DJ'ing. Before deciding to move in with Charb I actually applied to the Somersley Hospital as a Doctor, and got the position!

I'm excited and mostly learning to train. So if you need a doctor on Secondlife, look no farther than your very own Akemo. You'll notice, some, that I've changed my last name. No, I haven't gotten married ((actually had some confusion on SL with angry people not getting an invite -giggles- good to know so many would want to come!)) but I switched to my daughter's names to match because I wanted my "family" to be whole and easily recognizable to others. I love being able to see my grand babies daily, I actually did my first assist birthing today (though the clinic is normally closed on Sundays) and I think it went pretty well, can't wait to actually go ahead and do my own birthing. A couple of old friends came by including the one featured in both images here who I've affectionately nicknamed 'Hubs' after him calling me wifey... it's stuck. If not for the partner I was with, this one would likely be Mister trouble in Crime... the one sitting next to me in the Somersley Jail going "well, it wasn't going to tip itself over." the other is a really good friend, whom I met through this friend, who's become equally as my partner in crime.

We call him... Nik. Mister Nik.

This is Artemus Mirabella, she's Tallis Mirabella's little girl.. and a Princess!
But other than that Life has just been life.. and RL sometimes steals us away but sometimes circumstances - or persistent, loving family & friends - make you come back kicking and screaming until you sit still long enough to remember why you enjoyed it and fall in love all over again.

oh, and the new Toddleedoo Mesh avatar bodies? Are amazing.

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