Monday, May 28, 2012

Actual post will come soon, again.

Lots has happened in SL, but RL has stolen me this month of May. Four Birthdays, one being my sons 5th and my sisters, and I was the MOH in one of my best friends Weddings. Got the Flu, got a flooded basement, and now we're in a heat warning stretch. So let's just say life is chaotic, but not always in the bad. it's a good motovation. Lost the land in SL we were renting, though 'homeless' I feel oddly okay about it. Until things in RL settle I don't mind 'drifting'. It stinks my family's spread out but it doesn't mean they're not a tp away.

That being said, I think it was a new look time for Ke. so I found a shape I'm in love with, thanks to Filthy skins (that I am currently addicted to), and a new hair from Exile- add a few extra touches and a "new" "reinveted" Ke cost about $250 for the new hair pack. Wewt.

No new hunts, unfortunately to review :P no awsome events though I've been debating a single-night return to dj'ing at my friends club. I used to actually get head-hunted when I was dj'ing by other clubs but unfortunately they always seemed to think I was going to bring the clientele with me. I miss it, slightly, but on SL I hate schedules. I have them in Real life, Don't need them in SL as well you know? Alright, more photos coming soon I promise. Maybe I'll do some with friends!

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