Friday, March 30, 2012

I have one of the best families in Second Life, honestly. I know this isn't much for a first Blog I had taken photos to show off one of my role play characters and babble about the Sim I go on, or at least try to find some awe-inspiring moment to make my blog nearly as good as Nym's but clearly it's not meant to be. Though I'd like to point out that I'm getting somewhat Decent at working with SecondLife Photos in Photoshop and with luck I'm hoping to take more.

So for my first sleepy time post today, I give you, My Crazy Family.

 [ From the top Left over: Eden, Akemo, Kuno (Daughter, Mom, Dad)- RayRay, Bella (Grandbabies) Promise and Charbie (Daughters of AkemoxKuno) and Harper (Grandbaby) All the Grandbabies belong to Charbie and her Husband Shadow, who's not in the picture because his punk butt wasn't online! ]

 [Bella, Charbie and Akemo. We're a Nerd-Friendly Family.]

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